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Note: Due to COVID-19, certain locations and recreation providers may be closed at this time. Please check with the destination or service provider prior to visiting and adhere to CDC and state COVID-19 requirements and recommendations. 

As the only barrier reef in the continental United States, and a world-class natural wonderland just waiting to be discovered, Florida’s Coral Reef draws millions of visitors annually. From the St. Lucie Inlet all the way down to the Dry Tortugas, Florida’s Coral Reef entices visitors from around the world to come to Florida and support Florida’s tourism industry. This industry supports the local communities that border the reef by providing a source of income for local restaurants, lodging and tour operations. In a typical year, the total tourism value of Florida’s Coral Reef equals about $6.1 billion. 

Although marine recreational tourism can pose challenges to the protection of Florida’s Coral Reef, it also provides opportunity for increased support, awareness and resources for conservation. Visitors who come to South Florida to enjoy and explore Florida’s Coral Reef responsibly and respectfully can be part of the solution by helping to impact awareness, support and critical funding for the conservation and restoration of this significant natural resource.

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