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Responsible Practices

Florida’s Coral Reef has an important role in sustaining essential ecosystem services. These services include protecting the shoreline along with providing habitat for thousands of marine organisms and an incredible place for outdoor recreation.   

People are an integral part of the reef environment and nearby ecosystems even if they don’t spend time on the water. To keep this vitally important ecosystem healthy – and our economy that depends on it – we have a shared responsibility to reduce local threats to coral reef health.  

While enjoying the many different activities Florida’s Coral Reef offers, it is important to follow the responsible practices associated with each. Review the following information and learn how to protect and enjoy the reef in a responsible and reef-friendly way: 

  • Boating: Prevent boat and anchor contact with coral colonies and nearby habitats.  
  • Fishing: Choose sustainable fishing practices and seafood. 
  • Diving and Snorkeling: Explore the reefs responsibly. 
  • Pollution, Products and Litter: Choose products carefully and safely dispose of unwanted items. 
  • Carbon Footprint: Make small changes to reduce climate change stress on reefs. 

Did you know?

Learn about how our partners are making a difference with Florida’s Coral Reef.

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View all our partners