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Note: Due to COVID-19, certain locations and recreation providers may be closed at this time. Please check with the destination or service provider prior to visiting and adhere to CDC and state COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations. 

Florida’s Coral Reef is one of the state’s most prized natural resources, offering myriad opportunities for Floridians and visitors alike to immerse themselves in this underwater treasure. Whether snorkeling among the shallows in the northern portion of the reef, taking a boat charter for some of the country’s best fishing, or going on a deep dive in full SCUBA gear for some of the most spectacular underwater viewing opportunities in the country, Florida’s Coral Reef is a destination not to be missed. 

While we encourage and invite exploration, it is important that you help us take care of Florida’s Coral Reef by avoiding touching or standing on the reef, choosing mineral-based sunscreens, using designated mooring buoys to prevent anchoring on the reef, and recycling and disposing of waste properly. If you plan to charter a tour in the Keys, choosing a Blue Star operator will help ensure responsible and sustainable diving and fishing practices as you enjoy this world-class natural wonder. 

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