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Take the Pledge and Join the Florida Coral Crew

We need your support to rescue and restore Florida’s Coral Reef and share the wonders of our waters with generations to come.

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Educate Myself and Others

I will educate myself and others about the threats to coral reefs and the best ways to protect them by: 

  1. Explaining to my friends and family members the key facts behind the value of coral reefs and how we can reduce harmful impacts through responsible practices.
  2. Reading and sharing news updates, videos or social media posts from Florida’s Coral Reef and partner organizations to ensure that coral conservation continues. 
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Reduce Pollution

I will educate myself and others about the threats to coral reefs and the best ways to protect them by: 

  1. Conserving water. The less water I use, the less stormwater runoff will find its way back into the ocean.
  2. Practicing coral-friendly gardening. Nutrients from excess fertilizer use can reach the ocean and increase algae growth that blocks sunlight from reaching corals.
  3. Limiting my use of sun protection products with chemicals that can harm reefs and using reef-safe sunscreens or wearing clothing that offers SPF protection. 
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Make Smart Seafood Choices

I will learn how to make smart seafood choices by using:

  1. Seafood Watch.
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Practice Coral Safety

I will practice coral-safe boating and diving by:

  1. Anchoring in sandy areas away from coral and sea grasses or by using a public mooring buoy so that the anchor and chain do not drag on corals.
  2. Avoiding any contact and keeping equipment away from corals and their surroundings.
  3. Looking for a Blue Star recognized charter or Florida Friendly Fishing Guide when booking a visit to the reef. 
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Join Conservation Activities

I will participate in or support at least one coral reef conservation activity each year:

  1. If I’m going to be diving or snorkeling, I will learn how to recognize the different types of damage that can severely impact coral reefs, and send my observations to the Southeast Florida Action Network (SEAFAN) or C-OCEAN (Florida Keys) or another relevant organization local to me;
  2. I will take part in or otherwise support a citizen science or volunteer project; or
  3. I will organize or join at least ONEbeach or marine debris clean up in my community.

Did you know?

Learn about how our partners are making a difference with Florida’s Coral Reef.

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View all our partners