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Friends of Our Florida Reefs Partners with Nova Southeastern University to Install a New Living Florida’s Coral Reef Exhibit at the Marine Environmental Education Center in Hollywood, Florida

Written by: Friends of Our Florida Reefs

October 2020 – Broward County, Florida — To better educate the public about the wonders, beauty, and threats to Florida’s coastal water ecosystems, several notable organizations are partnering to add the first of three large exhibit tanks by the popular “Captain” Sea Turtle Pool at Nova Southeastern University’s (NSU) Marine Environmental Education Center (MEEC) at the Carpenter House in Hollywood, Florida. Focusing on Florida’s Coral Reef, the first 300+ gallon tank is anticipated to be up and running by early 2021. This coral reef exhibit will feature live native corals, fish, and invertebrates. Two additional exhibit tanks are planned to focus on the critical importance of mangroves and sea grasses.

“This project fits right in with the mission of the MEEC,” said Derek Burkholder, Ph.D., research scientists and director of the center. “Educating the public about our marine environments is vital and by bringing attention to the plight of our coral reefs, we’re adding a new dimension to our outreach efforts.”

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