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Reef-building Coral Disease Intervention, Statistical Modelling, and Preparation for Restoration Task 6 Final Report: Environmental drivers of stony coral tissue loss disease

Written by: Brian K. Walker, Gareth J. Williams, Jeffrey A. Maynard

This report describes an effort to test whether there are predictable patterns of SCTLD incidence within a population of Orbicella spp. that relate to gradients in abiotic environmental and human drivers within the Coral ECA (Part I).

We also test whether there are similar correlates of Dark Spot Disease (DSD) and Tissue Loss Disease (TLD) at much broader spatial scales over several hundred km.

Data sources for tests included disease monitoring data collected yearly from 2005 to 2019 as part of the Florida Reef Resilience Program’s (FRRP) Disturbance Response Monitoring program (DRM, Part II).

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