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Force Blue Adds Elkhorn Corals to 100 Yards of Hope

Written by: Force Blue

After successfully completing our “DIVE 55” marine debris removal operation to kick off NFL Green Week in Tampa, FORCE BLUE divers traveled back to Miami where — together with our scientific partners from the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School and Rescue a Reef Program, Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science, The Florida Aquarium and SECORE International — the team out-planted 55 pieces of Elkhorn coral on to our “100 Yards of Hope” reef restoration site in celebration of Super Bowl LV.

This mission was particularly important because it marked the first time that endangered Elkhorn corals, grown at The Florida Aquarium in Tampa and reared at UM’s coral nursery in Miami, had been out-planted as part of the 100 Yards of Hope effort, adding diversity to an already flourishing site and still more “hope” to the fight to save Florida’s Coral Reef.

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